“In a culture where we were taught ‘never talk about this,’ your ability to talk about your own wants, needs and desires, especially around sex, that’s like a revolutionary act… exercising those kinds of muscles makes you stronger in every other area of your life.”

I first met sex educator and Cuddle Party co-creator Reid Mihalko in 2011 at the Los Angeles Pleasure Chest where he was leading one of his classes and interviewed him for a blog I had recently launched. He referred to himself as the “golden retriever” in the sex education world and it’s easy to see why; his sweet charm and goofy personality helps put people at ease when grappling with topics that are still considered scary and taboo by many.

I have long been frustrated by America’s seemingly endless war on sex; sure, pornography has never been more readily available and vibrators are being sold in local drug stores, but sexual shame still grips a large percentage of men and women. The glimpse of a woman’s breast on national tv in this country causes public outrage. Influential (albeit crazy) politicians wage public campaigns against masturbation and contraception.  Sex is considered more obscene than violence. There are still places in this country where the sale of sex toys is considered a crime! I don’t know about you but I think something is seriously wrong here. But teachers like Reid give me hope that the tide can be turned with open dialogue and encouragement from coaches and educators to look within and own our desire.

On a sunny day in Oakland I interviewed Reid at his spacious yet cozy loft in Fruitvale (lovingly dubbed “Fruitopia”) where he shared with me the early inspiration for his career, how he’s helping to further the sex positive movement, and his philosophy about life, love and relationships.

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