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    Today, the last day of Mental Health Awareness month, I’m proud to announce the launch of a new video series on our channel titled RHAPSODY IN ALCHEMY, an intimate peek into the lives of artists with lived mental health experience. This first video, winner of April’s Art With Impact mental health film competition, features an extraordinary filmmaker named Sal Tran who reflects on staying grounded and empowered through battles with suicidal depression and PTSD.



    “The mind, when you look, it’s like the house on fire, but we don’t know how to put out the fire… the cooling waters of mindfulness, it’s like putting a hose on the fire of the mind.” Insight meditation teacher Grahame White sat down with us in Honolulu where he was leading a retreat at the Palolo Zen Center and discussed how he became interested in Buddhism, the practical benefits of mindfulness meditation practice, and what he hopes people gain from his teachings.