“Your past does not determine your future… I just want people to embrace their story. Just being authentic in this world is a gift.”

I’m always surprised by the connections I can make in a Lyft Line. After sharing a ride with a stranger and chatting about my passion for filmmaking, I was introduced to a remarkable young woman named Jennifher Fulopp who had been looking for someone like me to share her story. A bodybuilder (Jennifher recently competed in the NPC Central California Championship where she took 3rd place in the Novice category and 2nd place in the open category) who is very passionate about personal growth and Tony Robbins seminars, she hopes that opening up about painful memories from her past as an alcoholic sex worker and sexual abuse survivor will inspire other women to love themselves, embrace who they are and be motivated to overcome the challenges in their own lives. I was certainly inspired by the courage and vulnerability it took for Jennifher to share her story. When she told me she loved Alesso’s “Heroes (we could be)” I couldn’t think of a more fitting theme song for such a lady.



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