“Some people don’t even realize that they’re letting their soul flow through themselves into other people. They’re just doing it because they’re used to doing it. But if you can imagine that every time you play is a prayer… somehow you do feel something spiritual.”

kody1I did an impromptu shoot with Kody Riehl, 23, on the east side of O’ahu while home visiting family. My dad, who instilled in me an appreciation for photography years before I had my first DSLR, tagged along with his camera on this windy day in Kailua. The sun barely peeked through the clouds as Kody sat on the beach looking towards Moku Nui and Moku Iki islands. Back at his house a few blocks away, we sweated through a couple tracks from his upcoming record in between AC blasts. Though he’s just getting ready to put out his first album, the young musician has already amassed quite a following–  23.5 thousand instagram followers to be exact– something he attributes to his girlfriend’s savvy marketing skills (sorry ladies).

Check out his performance of “Grab That Place” and dig more of his music at reverbnation.com/kodyriehl.












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